Paatal Lok , Swarg Lok and Manav Lok

Over Last few weeks in the post Covid19 era, binge watched two serials based on reommendation from my classmates in the WhatsApp group. One was Panchayat and another was Paatal Lok. Both couldn’t be more different. One reflected everything innocent, honest and good that humanity or Indian villages have especially in hinterland places like BIhar, Jharkhand and another reflected all the vile and toxic few of our metro cities like Delhi NCR have. I love Delhi NCR and did my +2 at Modern School Vasant Vihar and visit there often especially South Delhi. Spent 2 years at Salet, Munirka , RK Puram, Chittranjan Park, Jia Sarai, Katwaria Sarai, Vasant Vihar and various places. Also spent few months at JNU, IIFT Delhi in the amaing Institutional Area. I visit the Tanku’s Dhaba everytime I am in Delhi. 3 years back we also relaunched BEN at IIFT Audiorium which was planned at IIT Delhi hostels.

Vivek Bindra
Dr.Vivek Bindra of is India’s leading Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach as well as Corporate trainer. Vivek Bindra helps people and companies to excel in their respective fields with the right approach, strategy, and mindset.

He is India’s one of the best motivational speakers who electrifies the audience with positive energy. Vivek Bindra was very studious and bright from his childhood itself. From a very tender age, he had great interest and knowledge about businesses.

This allrounder personality also owns a Youtube channel where he likes to upload videos majorly about business management. He also likes to upload videos about personality development, investing, learning mindset, as well as life goals.

To educate people about business and after seeing more than 90% of new businesses in India failing he decided to start giving free knowledge. And Youtube is the best source to give and take free knowledge to grow ahead in life. To know more inside the secret of Dr. Vivek Bindra Wife, Education, Income, Net Worth, House stay tuned till the end!

Real Name Vivek Bindra
Nickname Vivek
Profession Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, CEO Coach
Age 42 (As of 2020)
Date of Birth April 5, 1978
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Hometown Delhi,India
College Amity Business College Noida
Educational Qualifications M.B.A. and Phd
Marital Status Married ( 2 Children)

Dr.Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra Wiki Biography

Vivek Bindra was born on 5th April in the year 1982 and as of the year 2020, Dr. Vivek Bindra’s age is 38 years. He was born and brought up in New Delhi. Talking about his early life, his father died when he was just 2 years old!

Then, his mother married another guy and he was left all alone at a very tender age. But, his mother took him with her and worked very hard and to raise him. Vivek Bindra had a very disgraceful childhood and he was all broke at a very young age,

But, he was very bright in studies and his intelligence, as well as knowledge, was great. Vivek Bindra did his schooling from Xavier’s school located in New Delhi itself. He was a very bright student and topped almost every examination.

From childhood itself, he had an interest in business and economics related subjects. After doing his schooling and high schooling studies from Xavier’s school, he decided to do his graduation degree in Business Management.

Vivek Bindra quotes

Later he applied for Amity Business College, Noida for pursuing his Bachelor in Business administration degree. There he did his degree successfully and he was one of the favorite students of the professors. Vivek is a Hindu by religion and his caste is Kshatriya.

He is a well-built guy with a height of 6 feet and he weighs around 75 kilograms. This strong personality is renowned for his work and is a business coach of many companies.

Vivek Bindra Education

At a very tender age of 2, Vivek’s father died and his mother decided to remarry. Vivek spent his childhood with his mother and stepfather with a lot of pain. But, all these things didn’t affect his education and career. From childhood itself, Bindra was very smart and cunning.

He always topped the examinations and was among the favorites of his teachers. Vivek Bindra did his schooling from Xavier’s school located in New Delhi itself. After doing his schooling and high schooling studies from Xavier’s school, he decided to do his graduation degree in Business Management.

Vivek Bindra quotes

Vivek Bindra Net Worth & Income

Vivek Bindra’s overall income per month is estimated to be around 20 lakh rupees. Majorly his income sources are from Youtube monetization from ads as well as affiliates, training courses, and income from companies as a business coach.

His overall net worth is estimated to be around 10 crores as of the year 2020. His professional leadership funnel programs cost thousands of dollars and contribute to his earnings.

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Dr.Bindra Wife

Dr. Vivek Bindra lost his father when he was just 2 years old. He is the single parent raised child and obviously his early life was not that good in terms of family. Although, Vivek is blessed in terms of getting love from his wife as he married his childhood crush.

However, the exact name of his wife is not available. He also has 2 children and both of them are young. Not much is known about Vivek Bindra’s wife and we will soon update information as soon as we receive from our trusted sources.

Vivek Bindra quotes

Unknown Facts and Trivia!

    • Vivek Bindra owns a consultancy company named Global ACT (Academy of Consultancy and Training) which was founded by him in the year 2012. He renamed Global ACT as Bada Business from the year 2019.
    • On his Youtube channel, Vivek uploaded video against IMA (Indian Medical Association) and said doctors are the biggest human killer! This sentence said by him got Vivek into a lot of trouble. IMA sued him and demanded Rs. 50 Crore INR of compensation for his sayings. But, Bindra fought the case against the IMA association and won.
    • Vivek Bindra’s net worth is estimated to be around 10 crores rupees and his major sources of income are from leadership funnels and business programs.
    • He manages, coaches, and supports more than 50 different companies and all his clients are super happy as they are seeing an upward graph in their progress from his coaching.

  • India’s leading newspaper company The Times Of India awarded Vivek Bindra the award of Best CEO Coach in India.
  • One of his HR professional’s training programs is superhit and he created the record which is recognized even by the Limca Book of Records.
  • The leading car company of India Maruti Suzuki also awarded Vivek Bindra by Best Indian Corporate Trainer of the year 2019.
  • He has won the Think Tank Corporate Asia title at the World Leadership Federation held in Dubai!
  • Vivek Bindra has clients from more than 25 countries and he is the coach for more than 50 brands!
  • He is the most-watched and followed business coach all over Asia and his youtube channel has more than 8 million subscribers.
  • Along with that on Facebook Vivek has over1 million followers with all his content reaching up to 5 million views.

Dr. Vivek Bindra@DrVivekBindra

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Smriti Zubin Irani

Like most people of Indian origin, I love tracking and following Politics & Political Leaders.  I am a big-time follower of India’s India’s current PM Narendra Modi. Much has been written and spoken about him so I won’t even try. You can follow him at  One thing great leaders that I have studied or know in the business, as well as the social sector, is that they are not insecure and they surround themselves with people smarter than them and also ensure a good pipeline of leaders to succeed them,  One such leader that I have been following is one of the top Cabinet Minister, BJP Leaders, MP from Amethi and ex-Model and TV Actress, Smriti Zubin Irani.

Few of her supporters, fans like me have got together as a volunteer group, “Team Smriti Irani” and we are connected to us via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, listed below

  1. Telegram 25+
  2. Facebook Group 200,,000+
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Google Drive
  5. Linkedin Group
  6. Whatsapp not sharing the group due to security limitations & capacity limits of 256

We also have a Weekly Call on Saturday, led by  volunteers  based in Bharat




For Frontline Heroes

FFH Hindi          FFH English

Here are some of the info on FFH app :

In the fight against Corona, while the majority of people remain safe in their homes under lockdown, across the world thousands are active in the service of their nation and humanity. Despite great personal risk to their own health and safety, these dedicated people have come forward and stand as the frontline of defence. They fight on two fronts, against the external onslaught of the pandemic, yet they also face anxiety and loneliness if and when alienated from their community.

To help these frontline heroes (the doctors, nurses, administrators), Bihar School of Yoga has designed simple yoga practices of 15 minutes. These yoga practices are available in a Free app called FFH app (FFH stands for “For Frontline Heroes”). The guided yoga practices of relaxation, breathing, and postures introduced in this app are specially designed to alleviate physical, psychological, and emotional tension, and to help manage stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic on the work and home fronts.

The FFH free app is available in both the iOS and Android platform and can be downloaded by searching “For Frontline Heroes” or Bihar School of Yoga. Friends, Bihar School of Yoga is a world-renowned non-profit, ancient Yoga School situated in India, also has the honor to be the first Yoga University of the world.

This app is inspired by Parmahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, a Padma Bhusan awardee by Govt of India

App link:


Love and Respect to Late MP Gupta sir

Today learnt that one of our beoved teachers in Sainik School Tilaiay, MP Gupta departed from this wold. He has three sons, one of whom is an IPS, Wishing the family all our love and support. We will miss you sir. Sharing few pictures shared by your students,

On a side note wanted to share history of the word RIP since most of my schoolmaes grived by a shortcut RIP without even knowing the meaning of the full form and context.

RIP Is a pretty convenient three-letter word I see used on WhatsApp. Most people don’t know what it really stands for. RIP literal meaning is Rest in Peace.

My concern with this word is that it goes against the Hindu idea of we being soul which is immortal and death being just like a change of body, But below is the western/chrstian via of RP

The phrase “Rest in peace“, RIP, from Latin Requiescat in pace (Classical Latin[rekʷiˈeːskat in ˈpaːke]Ecclesiastical Latin[rekwiˈeskat in ˈpatʃe]) is sometimes used in traditional Christian services and prayers, such as in the Catholic[1]Lutheran,[2] Anglican and Methodist,denominations, to wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace.

It became ubiquitous on headstones in the 18th century and is widely used today when mentioning someone’s death. The phrase dormit in pace (English: “he sleeps in peace”) was found in the catacombs of the early Christians and indicated that “they died in the peace of the Church, that is, united in Christ.”[4][5][6] The abbreviation R.I.P., meaning Requiescat in pace, “Rest in peace”, continues to be engraved on the gravestones of Christians,[7] especially in the CatholicLutheran, and Anglican denominations.[8]

In the Tridentine Requiem Mass of the Catholic Church the phrase appears several times.[9]

To satisfy a vogue for rhyming couplets on tombstones, the phrase has been parsed ungrammatically as:[10]

cat in pace

This verse has been found inscribed in Hebrew on gravestones dating from the 1st century BC, in the graveyard of Bet Shearim. It speaks of the righteous person who died because he could not stand the evil surrounding him. A recapture of these words, read as “come and rest in peace”, has been transferred to the ancient Talmudic prayers, in a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic of the 3rd century AD. It is used to this day in traditional Jewish ceremonies.[11]

Other variations include “Requiescat in pace et in amore” for “May she rest in peace and love”, and “In pace requiescat et in amore”. The word order is variable because Latin syntactical relationships are indicated by the inflexional endings, not by word order. If “Rest in peace” is used in an imperative mood, it would be “Requiesce in pace” (acronym R.I.P.) in the second person singular, or “Requiescite in pace” in the second person plural.[12] In the common phrase “Requiescat in pace” the “-at” ending is appropriate because the verb is a third-person singular present active subjunctive used in a hortative sense: “May he/she rest in peace”



WhatsApp, Telegram Groups & Need for Introduction by members

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 20.03.37Telegram
WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps created by Brian Acton, & Jan Koum

In February 2014, Facebook purchased the messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion. Instant messaging has been a very category of Apps and there are man other such clients. I also love creating, curating communities.

Few of these communities are alumni groups like school groups ( Sainik Schools and my Sainik School Tilaiya), college group (IIM Society for all IIMs and IIM Ahmedabad), and various entrepreneurship groups like BEN, JEN, TEN, WEN, YEN. I enjoy doing this and see a lot of value in creating, curating these communities Why do we do that? Communities Collaborate to Co-create and share Content and also often create social and business ventures. Thanks to the internet and various platforms like  Facebook, Linkedin, Google Groups, Telegram, WhatsApp many like-minded people, or those with shared interests discover each other. I am part of many such groups. I join most invites that get shared by people and stay in them if I see myself adding any value or getting value to the group. Today I wanted to write some conduct that I find spammy

  1. WhatsApp/Telegram groups where only the admin can post and the rest of the members are just expected to be the audience, spectators. Question: why create a group when all you wanted to have was a platform to broadcast/unicast your messages. Why not use the broadcast feature to broadcast your message
  2. No Introductions: People join the group but won’t a) introduce themselves even on request by the admin/moderator of the group. Question: why join a group if you are shy of introductions. Aren’t nameless, faceless, masked people a security risk because they have something to be ashamed of or to hide?
  3. Forwards: Many groups are full of useless forwards of flowers, greetings, pictures, videos, Sai Baba, etc. They don’t add any value to our lives but just end up clogging space on our phones and waste our precious resource  that is “attention”

    One such experience I would like to share is from a group of wannabe newbies. They would share the invite to a group they have for Young Students. This guy claim to fame or greatness is that he cracked a few IIM interviews, got internships at a few major brands like Uber, Aditya Birla, etc. He shared about one of his groups in a common group, Group Discussions @ 10am by Vishal Kumar of Learning While Travelling.  I have been participating in those discussions for more than a month and we have discussed many Meeting Minutes GD@10pm, companies ranging from Jio to OYO/Treebo
    GD@10pm IST Topics is a Google Sheet I have created and below is a list of topics discusses as a copy-paste shared by Vishal as Google Doc

    Date Topic
    17 Mar 2020 JIO case study
    18 Mar 2020 UBER/OLA 
    19 Mar 2020 OYO/TREEBO
    20 Mar 2020 Good & Bad side of COVID-19 on our lives
    21 Mar 2020 Work from home – pros and cons
    22 Mar 2020 Finding/recruiting for internship & jobs – challenges & solutions
    23 Mar 2020 How to filter information – challenges & solutions
    24 Mar 2020 BYJU’s
    25 Mar 2020 21 days lockdown in India – opportunities & threat for businesses
    26 Mar 2020 How to start/revamp a startup in this lockdown
    27 Mar 2020 How to start/revamp a startup in this lockdown

    1. Ritviz talked about his venture and how his business model was modified to cater to this lockdown
    28 Mar 2020 How to start a part-time startup in this lockdown

    1. Abhishek talked about his ventures started in parallel with his studies
    29 Mar 2020 Startup Investment Reality

    1. Anuj presented about College Bhaiya
    2. Two kinds of mindset – valuation vs business
    3. Four types of funds – Sovereign funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angle investment
    4. USA vs India mindset
    30 Mar 2020 Startup Investment

    1. Anuj sir presented his startup idea 
    2. Seed capital can be generated via personal savings, participating in competitions
    3. Due diligence should be done from both sides
    4. Part-time job or part-time startup can be a good way to raise seed fund
    5. Incubation support is also available to raise seed fund
    31 Mar 2020 Startup sales – customer is the best investor
    01 Apr 2020 PAYTM Case Study
    02 Apr 2020 XIAOMI Case Study
    03 Apr 2020 TINDER/BUMBLE Case Study
    04 Apr 2020 APPLE case study

    1. Aspirational value
    05 Apr 2020 TATA NANO case study

    1. Target audience, Emotional value, Financial value, Relational value, Performance value
    2. World’s cheapest car – lakhtakia car
    3. Marketing by default not design
    4. Few accidents but no positive rebuttal, negative branding by default
    5. Bike vs Car – No aspirational value
    6. Nano vs 2nd hand car
    7. Neighbours envy owners pride
    8. 1.2 to 1.5 lakh instead of 1 lakh 
    9. Delayed delivery, price not same as promised, wrong marketing strategy
    06 Apr 2020 GOOGLE Case study

    1. 100 products are listed
    2. Revenue Model
    3. Marketing- Freemium model
    4. Why so many products
    5. What’s google vision
    6. Competitions
    7. this is a group I created after meeting Ray Kurzweil in 2011 to remain updated on AI / Immortality type topics
    9. Company culture is good
    07 Apr 2020 YOUTUBE Case Study

    1. Advertisement
    2. Video content
    3. Freemium model
    08 Apr 2020 LINKEDIN Case Study

    1. Acquired by Microsoft
    2. Premium membership has a lot of benefits
    09 Apr 2020 AMAZON Case Study

    1. Initial funding from parents, started from books
    2. CADABRA changed to AMAZON – the largest river of the world
    3. Started from books, later added other products
    4. Customer is GOD
    5. Meeting video is uploaded
    10 Apr 2020 NOKIA Case Study

    1. Brayan from Startup Club was our guest speaker today
    3. 25% market share initially
    4. Too much baggage
    5. Did Not innovate enough, wrong partnerships
    6. May bounce back with 5G technology
    11 Apr 2020 Global Tourism Case Study

    1. Airlines making loss
    2. Corporate travel advance booking
    12 Apr 2020 Job/internship cancellation

    1. Equity based hiring
    2. Two or more internships as backup
    3. Internship in startups
    13 Apr 2020 Startup Idea: Mental Health Clinic
    14 Apr 2020 Kodak Case Study

    1. More than 80% market share
    2. Film was major revenue source
    15 Apr 2020 Dinosaur vs. Cockroach – disruptive startups

    1. Be a cockroach and survive, don’t get extinct like dinosaur
    16 Apr 2020 Indian Education System

    1. Most students don’t want to study, attendance need to to made compulsory to make them present in class – Why
    2. College to Corporate skill mismatch
    3. Too much competition at UG/PG level
    4. Subjects not balanced in schools
    5. Entrepreneurship/sales/marketing not taught at school 
    6. Framework needs to change, system is outdated
    7. More scholarship schemes 
    8. Unemployment vs under-employment
    9. Interest mismatch
    10. Salary of teachers
    11. High Tuition Fees, Education loan NPA
    12. Schools are going online now 
    13. Way forward
    17 Apr 2020 Depression & Suicide

    18 Apr 2020 Personal Branding
    19 Apr 2020 Indian Real estate 
    20 Apr 2020 Retail Industry

    Food & Grocery – 65% contribution

    Apparel and footwear  – 8

    Consumer durable – 10

    Jewellery – 8

    Window shopping


    Staff behaviour

    Data readily available

    One product at cheaper price to win  customer and upsell all others

    Discount vouchers

    Retailers are selling online also

    Brick and mortar model

    surprise gift idea – women and children

    Hub and spoke model – Franchise 

    21 Apr 2020 COVID impact on SME/Startups – part 1

    1. Sales not happening for most 
    2. Cost cutting measures
    3. Way forward
    4. Lesson learnt
    22 Apr 2020 COVID impact on SME/Startups – part 2
    23 Apr 2020 Online vs offline education

    1. More control on online
    2. More economical
    3. Technology driven
    4. Whole world can join
    5. Commute time
    6. Time management are not learnt
    7. Discipline
    8. Rural population vs urban population
    9. Same fees: online sessions + regular offline session/excursion
    10. Limited seats
    11. Lack of space
    12. Lot of competition
    13. Replace or substitute
    24 Apr 2020 Foreign Education in 2020

    1. COVID impact
    25 Apr 2020 MLM Case study
    26 Apr 2020 Stock market
    27 Apr 2020 Negative Oil price
    28 Apr 2020
    29 Apr 2020 Linkedin Marketing – 1
    30 Apr 2020 Linkedin Marketing – 2
    01 May 2020 Social Media Marketing

    1. Which social media to use for different products ?

    2. User demographics of different social media

    3. what is the organic and non organic reach in facebook

    4. should we use paid advertising in social media

    5. How to detect and avoid Fake News,Fake Profiles  and remain Authentic across social media platforms 

    6. Do we need to maintain discipline in posting thing and posting format. 

    7. Is it good to have a private account or public 

    8. how to improve relationship in social media. 

    9. Do we need to take care of the post structure, like should it be  Aesthetic 

    10. What is the use of Social media marketing?

    12. What are the disadvantages of Social media marketing?

    02 Apr 2020 COVID suggestions after 17 May 2020
    03 Apr 2020 Data Privacy & Security
    04 Apr 2020 COVID suggestions after 17 May 2020
    05 Apr 2020 TATA case study

    What peeved me about that young guy and his venture is that he shared a  WhatsApp group invite in this open group by Vishal but members are not allowed to comment or participate in the discussions. Only few of the admins who manage the group are allowed to post. I have a personal policy and best practice in all the WhatsApp/Telegram groups that I manage or participate is
    1) Self-Introduction by all members with their Website &/or Linkedin Profile so that other members can know them better. This is not needed on Linkedin, Facebook groups since each member already have his or her professional and or social profiles.  Otherwise, it is a security risk. My opinion and observation is that only terrorists or criminals want to operate anonymously or with a mask,
    2) In case members don’t introduce themselves I message personally to each of them as don’t want to keep anonymous numbers on my phone,  I also prefer to address people by their names

    03 Apr 2020 Data Privacy & Security
    22:11:05 From  Ravi kumar : Hi Everyone,

    Good evening,I am Ravi Kumar from Bangalore working as sales professional 

    in the field of Building Automation and electronic security system.

    you can connect with me on linkedin,my id

    22:12:30 From  Atul Kumar : if possible also share in the WhatsApp or Telegram as discussions here are lost after the call

    22:12:54 From  vishal kumar : sure

    22:14:45 From  Sonu Kumar Singh : Hii Everyone,

    I am Sonu Kumar Singh From Bihar Working on an Education App & Website Startup as Founder & MD

    Feel Free to Connect on

    22:24:44 From  vishal kumar : question about ethics

    22:28:37 From  vishal kumar : attempt to manipulate our mindset

    22:29:28 From  vishal kumar : intent

    22:30:23 From  vishal kumar : individual level & organization level

    22:35:56 From  vishal kumar : Dark Net

    22:36:11 From  Harsha T R : True point

    22:39:37 From  Hari Kutty : Yes

    22:40:06 From  Hari Kutty : Ankit Fadia is from Coimbatore and very famous for ethical hacking

    22:44:02 From  Atul Kumar :

    22:49:42 From  Atul Kumar :

    22:53:11 From  vishal kumar : at organization level things can be control

    22:56:07 From  Rishabha Sancheti :  There are some companies which i know, what they are doing, they install the virus in computers and then call them for solution. 

    22:56:15 From  vishal kumar : Social engineering

    23:04:09 From  Suraj Berwal : imp point on facebook

    23:05:14 From  vishal kumar : ok next

    23:06:41 From  vishal kumar : facebook – setting – offline browsing

    23:07:10 From  vishal kumar : recommendation engine uses our data

    23:08:56 From  vishal kumar : children pics be careful

    23:29:39 From  vishal kumar : FANG – facebook, amazon, Netflix, google has all the data

    23:31:12 From  vishal kumar : data protection regulation


I am part of many social ventures, entrepreneurship, and alumni groups. Few of them have a Website and most of them have LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp groups. One of the recurring “housekeeping” or moderation chores that takes lot of time and energy is “Please introduce yourself with your URL (Website if any or Linkedin profile).  Or any social profiles, even a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Github or YouTube channel will do but members without an introduction or online profile are a security and privacy risk for the group. Nameless, Faceless (masked) people most often have something to hide and hence don’t feel comfortable with them especially when a WhatsApp or Telegram group. This is the reason, I suggest/request everyone to create a Linkedin Profile for professionals. Websites cost money and/or technical expertise hence many students or new or wannabe entrepreneurs might not need one and they can do with just an Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn profile but not having any URL is not ok. It doesn’t cost money to create one on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter or GitHub or even a page on LinkedIn or Facebook.

I also request members to share a URL with every message they share on groups since most members might not remember you especially in a large group of alumni or entrepreneurs or community.

Hence writing this blog to highlight the reason why we need to introduce ourselves and ideally with a URL

Role of NQ in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Network Quotient (NQ)

Entrepreneurs Ecosystems

I keep trying new projects. platforms and switching between them. BloggerWordPressFacebookLinkedInTelegramWhatsApp , Instagram YouTube  and whatever comes next

Today I was hoping to resume my book blogs on  and realized that is on Blogger so stumbled here, hence writing this blog. Over last few months have been very close;y  involved with two no-profits,

1) Spring Run 2020 by Asha For Educaton SV and

2) TiECON2020 by TiE where i am a Track Manager for AI/ML and also helping Marketing team of Anand Akella who is  a Product Marketing Leader at Nutanix
I am also trying to help Kamal Anand who is leading TiE50 via my contacts in various alumni & entrepreneurship network, Listing excerpts from my email below which has links to many of these networks
  1.  Wiki of Statrtup Ecosystems – Thinkers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors Orgs, Events, Investors, Startups . I had developed it few years back and might need to be refreshed
  2. Select Media Coverage
  3. Meeting with PM Narendra Modi at Waldorf in Sep 2015 visit to NY to discuss Development of Bihar
  4. Social Media Maven and Lifetime member of SAJA and have relationships with most media houses with past events having got covered by most South Asian TV, Radio, Newspapers, Bloggers, Influencers
    1. Linkedin 11,000+
    2. Twitter 2,000+
    3. Facebook 1,000+
  6. Government Relationships
    1. US – NY, NJ, CT, California, India, Bihar, Jharkhand, , Gujarat, Andhra, Telangana, Delhi
  7. Universities & Alumni groups that I am aware of and can connect with include IIM, IITs, NITs/RECs, Friends of IIM Society – Oxford, Cambridge, Insead, HEC, Harvard, Wharton, Yale, NYU, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Duke as well as many State Universities like SJSU, SFSU, SCSU etc.
  8. IIM Ahmedabad , IIM Society ( alumni all 20 IIMs), IIM Family (Friends and Families of IIM alumni) ,  1) Telegram, 1,500+ 2) LinkedIn 600+ 3) Facebook 14,00+
    1. IIM Society – 7,000+ alumni of IIMs – Asia, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, ANZ
    2. IIMA Global Event as Executive Council Member of IIM Ahmedabad North America Chapter led Media, PR, Sponsorships & Government & got iconic leaders like Ajay Banga, Tiger of Genpact, Harit Talwar and ensured media coverage
  9. Women Entrepreneurs Network 500+ Members
  10. Bharat Entrepreneurs Network – 700+ Members launched Feb 2017 Delhi
    1. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network – 4500+ Members launched May 2011 Bodh Gaya
      1. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network launched in May 2011
        2. Pe Charcha on 10/10 in around 100+ cities across the world
        3. Timesofindia Polls-spark-litti-pe-charcha-sessions-in-100-US-cities
    2. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network – 1500+  Members launched Sep 2015 Ranchi Jharkhand Investors Summit America 2016
    3. Organized
      1.  Litti Pe Charcha on 10/10 in 100+ cities to discuss development in Bihar
      2.  Meeting of NRIs with PM Modi at Waldorf to discuss Bihar’s Development
      3.  Organized Patna Marathon in Feb 2011
      4.  Led volunteer team of World Technology Network in 2011 with global icons like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Ray Kurzweil of Singularity and dozens more.
      5.  India Against Corruption Movement in NYC . Gathered 400+ people at Time Square within 48 hours and coverage by most major media houses including TimesNow, BBC, NDTV etc. Press release, 16-Aug-2011, New York, India Erupts Again

Below are select Media Coverage Links – consolidated

  1. Bharat  Entrepreneurs Network BEN Launched by on 11th Feb 2017
        1. BusinessWorld Bharat-Entrepreneurs Network BEN Launched For Underprivileged Indian Entrepreneurs Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Bharat by BW on 9th Feb
        2. BW Disrupt Accelerating Entrepreneurship In BHARAT
      1. Meeting with PM Narendra Modi at Waldorf , NYC during his US Investment
        1. Timesofindia Ahead-of-polls-PM-meets-Bihari-NRIs-in-US
      2. Patna – Patna-Marathon-to build-brand-Bihar
  1. IIMA
    1. Iim-ahmedabad-india-ceo-export-factory-atul-kumar
    2. IIMAGE-2016-IIM-Ahmedabad-Global-Event-July-22nd-23rd-at-the-Taj-Pierre-New-York
I have shard lot of links so that easy to know more about them and happy to give a walk through or highlight the key ones. In short I am a connector of people, organizations and co-author of ,
Kamal: please let me know if any of these institutions and connects that I can bring to your help in TiE50 or otherwise. Previous president of TiE , Venk Shukla & current ED of TiE Global Vijay Menon had leveraged my help in bringing Jharkhand Government to TiE office on a short notice and Venk was able to get got Gold Sponsorship during the launch of TiE Global Summit in Delhi 2016,  I also attended the event in personal capacity.
Lot of my links might be more of Facebook than LinkedIn as most of my C level connects are personal and not necessary professorial.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller


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Valmiki_Ramayana 867b701b-71ef-4637-84b2-d528041c67dcAvatars220px-Goswami_Tulsidas_Awadhi_Hindi_Poet220px-Sauti_recites_the_slokas_of_the_MahabharataThe_Tao_of_Physics_(first_edition)

I have been a history and science buff since childhood. It started with my reading of Valmiki Ramayan , Ram Charit Manas by Tulsidas and Mahabharat by Vyas. Besides these also read many puranas. However, what really fascinated was the Vedas especially Upanishads ,  Later when I was studying at my boarding school, Sainik School Tilaiya we had some amazing teachers and library and few of my book-loving classmates and be used to discuss sports, science. One book by The Tao of Physics by Nuclear Physicist Fritizof Capra really captivated us. It aroused our interest and generated a lot of respect in our ancient history and scientists, (Rishis),

Later I went to Delhi for my secondary school at Modern School Vasant Vihar which was an entirely different experience and cultural shock. In Delhi  I also discovered the wonderful library of JNU when i could read even more. I also discovered some great scholars like Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, David Frawley, Koenraad Elst, Arun Shourie, and many other scholars. There I discovered a publication
(ealier known as Voice of India). I would also visit many libraries in Delhi like British Library, American Library, Russian Library, German Library etc I also joined RSS after they put a ban on it.  Later also joined JNU to start a Shakha of RSS.

Later,  I returned to Patna I also met a senior who exposed in life when I went to IIM Ahmedabad  for MBA I realized how different my experiences, world views from rest of my classmates was who had mainly been raised on the NCERT textbooks with a history written by JNU Historians like Romila Thapar, RS Sharma, Irfan Habib with a left-leaning ideology. They are best described by Arun Shourie’s book, Eminent Historians.

I feel so fortunate to wander around or get lost rather than following the straight lines which my parents or teachers would have wanted. However, these divergent experiences or wandering/exploring mindset has given a very different world view.  Coming back to current times, when the world is fighting an existential crisis and challenges due to the Covid19 virus which has already killed thousands globally. In this time I feel it is a “Reset” button pressed by the planet earth. We need to get back to the basics of a back to nature, family, and friends. We need to reduce our consumerist, selfish culture and revert back to a caring and giving culture.


SST- the initial days by TKB Sinha

I studied at Sainik School Tilaiya and one of the best memories are our teachers. We hve some of the finest teachers in our school. Today in one of the WhatsApp group TEN (Tilaiyan Entrepreneurs Network) we run today one of our respect teachers TKB Sinha sir shared few memories from school and the amazing feedback he received from alumni about the book
SST- the initial days.
Sharing his comments for wider circulation since is very inspring and worth a read by others.

[17:23, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
My dear Colonel,

I am an ex-Tilaiyan (school no 321 Nalanda) from initial batches. I am sending a set of 4 books by the name “SST- the initial days”, written by Mr. TKB Sinha, a teacher during our days. Recently I came across this book and was  struck with the overwhelming accuracy with which things have been described in it.

For me it was pure nostalgia but for others it will be interesting to read  how the first principal had to go through hell to get funds released, How the customary parameter were passed on –punctuality and value of time, discipline, the dress code which are alien to the new comers.

Many young boys  may be inquisitive to know about what happened at that time, It all started from the grassroots level in 1963-creation…

[17:24, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
My dear Malay & Abhay, I am both delighted and satisfied that SST has got the books in whatever way it has.The school’s ignorance about the books sent by Malay is simply mystifying.I thank you both for your tenacity in the interest of a noble cause.I wish I had visited SST & met the people there.Greater would it have been in the company of the old-timers like you.My thanks & Best wishes again.
TKB Sinha.
[17:25, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
Chanakya’s poor equal.

Dear Vijay,
While providing extra nuggets of info about the Western triumvirate, you rightly cited the significance of Chanakya,Vishnugupta.God knows why it fired my imagination & spurred me to share some words with you.Western thinkers tend to compare him with Machiavelli (1469-1527), a Florentine strategist,which is awfully ridiculous.Machiavelli can’t hold even a little candle before the gigantic figure of the Acharya.His stature pales into sad insignificance when pitted against the other.The comparison is just inappropriate & incomplete.It is like putting a pigmy against a giant, a pathetic hut against a magnificent mansion.
The Acharya was not only a learned professor of politics, economics,& social science at the world f…

[17:25, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: There is a gap of around 1800 yes between them.Chanakya’s time is 350-275 BC against Machiavelli’s 1469-1527.
Mach began his career as a minor govt official, & was later promoted to Diplomatic corps which gave him chance to visit foreign lands.Somehow or other his activities displeased the Mighty Medicis,under whom he served & he was fired.Angered by this injustice,he began finding fault s in the master’s ladmin, which resulted in his incarceration.After his release, he resigned to village farming, but was still itching to win his master’s favour.He wrote “the Prince” & dedicated the book but his prayers yielded no result.His dreams of getting reinstated in the royal services were shattered.
As against Chanakya’s brilliant treatise, covering a wid…

[17:25, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Thanks so much sir for immortalizing the memories of school, will blog about your book

[17:28, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: A whiff of fresh air.
Amidst the dark thoughts of death which the marauding Corona has caused to man’s psyche, where life seems to be so uncertain, anyone could be in the grip of this ruthless enemy, there is a reason to come out of this the negative aura & have a breather,which infuses freshness in our being………..
……. Since the last twenty five hundred yrs the academia,all over the world have studied & extensively quoted from the observations of the great triumvirate, Socrates,Plato & Aristotle.On almost every subject under the sun– be it literature,society,politics,science, mathematics,life sciences, they had their say,which are respectfully listened to even tiday. As a student,I was simply overawed by their scope of knowledge,their analysis,t…
[17:36, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Sir, Charan Sparsh aur shubh prabhat

The more I read your post, the more I am filled with pride that I was once your student at SST ! Your fathomless depth of knowledge of language – both English and Hindi too !, is simply incomprehensible and beyond anu compare …… How well read you are Sir, can be amply seen by above posts !

I am deeply enriched, though you wrote them for someone else ! 😃

Ram Pravesh

PS : You mentioned Tennyson’s Ulysses , but I have known of a classic “Ulysses” by James Joyce. In fact during this lockdown I am reading a beautiful book, ” The Pleasure of Reading”, Edited by Antonia Frazer. It’s simply amazing book fir any lover of English language and literature. Here, many authors while recounting their experiences have s…
[17:36, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear RP, it is ensuring to note that in the days of mobile/computer, when reading has lost its charm for most readers, you continue to stick to the practice.
I am more than glad to notice quite a lot of you impacted by my blogs.They are basically monologues, permitting me to express myself.I am thrilled to see that they both enrich & entertain you.I willfully fwd some of them to you as I am aware of your literary fascination.
James Joyce’s Ulysses is a work of fiction written in the shadow of S.Freud’s ideas about man’s unconsciousness.He believed,& perhaps rightly that our unconscious is much faster than imagined & most of our thoughts/fears/anxieties are formed there.There are always in a state of fermentation.Tennyson’s poem of the same name says …

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Vijay, Excited to see that you have pasted our blogs together.The compilation consisting of our exchange/addition, modification might provide a plethora of info &make interesting reading.Entries by you & Malay have provided a shine & depth to them.Pls think if it.
Sometimes I feel guilty of imposing my blogs on possibly reluctant souls & think of needlessly intruding on their personal time.I shouldn’t be so crazy.If the listeners respond unreservedly,it doesn’t mean willingness.It is a coercion.Pls comment.

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Sir, it is always a great pleasure receiving blogs/ posts from u. They r not only informative and constructive, they r meaningful and thought provoking. People like us who have retired from active life and whose children r well settled in life, do not want to jog their mind and r comfortable in worldly things. U have been a teacher of high repute and one who has attended a class knows how difficult it is to keep the students’ attention focussed. The teacher has to be a hero, a magician to keep the brats under his thumb. He keeps reading and improving all his life. Just see urself, as far as the writing work is concerned, u have done ur best only after retirement. U were a great teacher who had full attention of his students in the
classroom and holds t…

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Having taught young children with bright faces, high learning spirit and glittering future, u retained ur child-like spirit and always remained young and indomitable in spirit. U have incisive memory and u remember the names of most of ur students even today. How many teachers of a govt school/ college/ univ can do this. U can quote verses, poems, texts u taught long back almost verbatim even today. But ask a lecturer/ prof what he taught in the class yesterday he wd probably not remember.
We r proud to have great teachers like u and wish u a long life of creativity and innovativeness in teaching a language which has become a medium of universal communication.

[17:42, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Vijay, like the thick smog which used to strangle Delhi & other so called advanced cities, negativity & depressing thoughts have made life unbelievably uninteresting in today’s world. We badly need fresh thoughts/ideas to enable us come out of the dark dungeon(like which I had tried in my blog A whiff of fresh air)which for a moment came as respite talking about the legendary triumvirate from the West.
My title— “Summer Coronitus”
In my living memory,I had never witnessed such a pliant,meek and lovable summer, bereft of its blazing sun,strong hot winds, deserted roads after 10 am, alonwith the blazing copper sun beat the earth underneath relentlessly.The very thought of the summer which was in a hurry to set in to pulverise & punish the earth …

[17:42, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Errors of several sorts have crept in.Pls read as things should be.Thanks for patience.
TKB Sinha.

[17:43, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Sir will be it possible to compile all these great feedback as a Google Doc , par , will be easy to share

[17:56, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Thanks dear Atul, Prof Vijay kr, has possibly compiled some blogs.I too urged upon him to compile the plethora of info accommodation during the exchange of chats/blogs.He is possibly on the job.I too have started compiling them,but am rather awkward.There are adulatory blogs from several old guys on different subjects.The compilation might need some editing with supporting footnotes.It might make an interesting reading.If liked,do your bit.There are several active guys from the old generation who often interact with me, Viz Prof Vijay,Col Malaydas Gupta,Col Satya Priya, Aseem kr Jha,Under secretary,Mind of Fin,GOI, Rampravesh from Navy & others.
Your initiative is welcome & exhilarating.
TKB Sinha.
[17:59, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Read accumulated for accommodation in line 5.Error regretted.
[18:01, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Sir try installing Telegram too as unlike WhatsApp it allows us to correct mistakes and has many other superior features that you may find useful

[18:04, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
Dear, at this age,I am 80+, such technical terms for improving things sound strange to me.I am simply not a savvy.Thanks for the remedial suggestion.
[18:06, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: However,I shall give it a try & see how I can be of help.
Thanks again.