Entrepreneurship in Bihar

4/16/20211 min read

This is a dream and vision few Biharis envisioned in 2011 to have an organization focussed on promoting Entrepreneurship in Bihar or by Biharis or even by non-Biharis.Like most things in Bihar we have had to face many challenges at the social level, political level and bureaucratic levels but we have not given up. We are more active on the digital platforms than any physical space in Bihar because of safety concerns.However we are looking forward to the change when we have political system in Bihar where entrepreneurs or investors are welcomed and celebrated rather than threatened. Seems that day is not very far.People of Bihar especially youngsters have seen how many poor and backward states and countries have transformed themselves by selecting governments which are friendly to startups. Be it Maharashtra or Gujarat or Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana or even our neighboring Odissa there are billions of dollars floating inwards, people relocating from Silicon Valley to Singapore to USA or UK to Pune or Chennai or Bangalore to Hyderabad.Soon we might be ready to see the same in Chhapra, Darbhanga, Muzzafarpur, Ara, Buxar , Motihari , Siwan, Sasaram, Rohats , Patna and even small villages of Bihar.We are just hoping to enable for that wave of change in mindset so that a Bihari parent proudly shares that his son or daughter is joining or starting a startup in Bihar. I would love to do that in Pattna so that can be closer to my parents, many more would like to do that in their hometown or village.Hopefully by 2023-25, people of Bihar select leaders who invite and encourage entrepreneurs rather than threaten them like they way they did in 2011-12 when few of us had taken a sabbatical from our roles in New York or Bangalore or Singapore and Tokyo.When do you think that will start happening and what changes do you expect ?Few changes that I will like to see are in change of1) Mindset2) Work Culture3) Safety4) Policy5) Meritocracy instead of NepotismWhat are your top 5 changes for you to invest in Bihar ?