Managing Expectations

Siddharth Gautam (Gautam Buddha) learnt and shared this insight or enlightenment after decades of mediation at the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya and exploration that root cause of suffering is desire/expectation.

I have also learnt that from my experiences in many of my non-profit social ventures as well as business,

Some of the most enthusiastic volunteers or team members or Co-founders join the organization. with high energy. They also bring lot of energy, ideas and want to make things happen. Seems great. But then often these volunteer contributors or colleagues seem to forget that the org was running fine before they joined and thinking of team or the organization is also equally important.

The founders have a vision and they co-create, curate, nurture and build an organization. As a new team member our inputs are valuable. However we shouldn’t discard all the great work being done by those who have served the organization or built the organization before we joined. If we see mutual value then let us collobarate and strengthen the relationship, If priorities have changed or there seems to be a difference of value systems or conflict of priorities then have a conversation, resolve it or else part ways and move on.

I have connected and helped few entrepreneurs as well friends, family and alumni via various entrepreneurship and alumni organizations. However, often see lack of clarity on expectations and that causes disappointment and conflicts. Initial courtship or dating is needed among entrepreneurs & investors, employees & employers to know mutual values and synergies. Sometime a new person in team wants to own the team or be the captain, That is not always possible Maybe the team had many more equally or ore deserving members. Hustle for our seat at the table but should not get disappointed if the team doesn’t give us everything we want. We need to earn our seat at the table by contributions over a period of time and try to become indispensable to the extent possible,

My experience in Corporate Roles with GE, Genpact, R1, Infosys & Virtusa as well as co-founder of non-profits like
Bihar Entrepreneurs Network, 2011
Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network 2015
Bharat Entrepreneurs Network & WEN 2017
IIM Society 2004
IIM Family 2014
as well as volunteering for TiE, MJF, Rajiv Circle, IIMA IIMAAA, FOG SV, & many others have given me some good exposure to the mindset, motivations and drivers of the founders, volunteers and team.

Often it’s driven by motivations like charity , giving back, name, fame, wealth and often relationships. I have also seen that non-profit volunteer orgs have more politics or power struggle than business since the expectations are not clear. In a job it is simple, Salary, Bonus, Equity but in a volunteering roles it gets tricky. I will share about experiences with example in my next blog or add to this blog.

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