For Frontline Heroes

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Here are some of the info on FFH app :

In the fight against Corona, while the majority of people remain safe in their homes under lockdown, across the world thousands are active in the service of their nation and humanity. Despite great personal risk to their own health and safety, these dedicated people have come forward and stand as the frontline of defence. They fight on two fronts, against the external onslaught of the pandemic, yet they also face anxiety and loneliness if and when alienated from their community.

To help these frontline heroes (the doctors, nurses, administrators), Bihar School of Yoga has designed simple yoga practices of 15 minutes. These yoga practices are available in a Free app called FFH app (FFH stands for “For Frontline Heroes”). The guided yoga practices of relaxation, breathing, and postures introduced in this app are specially designed to alleviate physical, psychological, and emotional tension, and to help manage stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic on the work and home fronts.

The FFH free app is available in both the iOS and Android platform and can be downloaded by searching “For Frontline Heroes” or Bihar School of Yoga. Friends, Bihar School of Yoga is a world-renowned non-profit, ancient Yoga School situated in India, also has the honor to be the first Yoga University of the world.

This app is inspired by Parmahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, a Padma Bhusan awardee by Govt of India

App link:


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