WhatsApp, Telegram Groups & Need for Introduction by members

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 20.03.37Telegram
WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps created by Brian Acton, & Jan Koum

In February 2014, Facebook purchased the messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion. Instant messaging has been a very category of Apps and there are man other such clients. I also love creating, curating communities.

Few of these communities are alumni groups like school groups ( Sainik Schools and my Sainik School Tilaiya), college group (IIM Society for all IIMs and IIM Ahmedabad), and various entrepreneurship groups like BEN, JEN, TEN, WEN, YEN. I enjoy doing this and see a lot of value in creating, curating these communities Why do we do that? Communities Collaborate to Co-create and share Content and also often create social and business ventures. Thanks to the internet and various platforms like  Facebook, Linkedin, Google Groups, Telegram, WhatsApp many like-minded people, or those with shared interests discover each other. I am part of many such groups. I join most invites that get shared by people and stay in them if I see myself adding any value or getting value to the group. Today I wanted to write some conduct that I find spammy

  1. WhatsApp/Telegram groups where only the admin can post and the rest of the members are just expected to be the audience, spectators. Question: why create a group when all you wanted to have was a platform to broadcast/unicast your messages. Why not use the broadcast feature to broadcast your message
  2. No Introductions: People join the group but won’t a) introduce themselves even on request by the admin/moderator of the group. Question: why join a group if you are shy of introductions. Aren’t nameless, faceless, masked people a security risk because they have something to be ashamed of or to hide?
  3. Forwards: Many groups are full of useless forwards of flowers, greetings, pictures, videos, Sai Baba, etc. They don’t add any value to our lives but just end up clogging space on our phones and waste our precious resource  that is “attention”

    One such experience I would like to share is from a group of wannabe newbies. They would share the invite to a group they have for Young Students. This guy claim to fame or greatness is that he cracked a few IIM interviews, got internships at a few major brands like Uber, Aditya Birla, etc. He shared about one of his groups in a common group, Group Discussions @ 10am by Vishal Kumar of Learning While Travelling.  I have been participating in those discussions for more than a month and we have discussed many Meeting Minutes GD@10pm, companies ranging from Jio to OYO/Treebo
    GD@10pm IST Topics is a Google Sheet I have created and below is a list of topics discusses as a copy-paste shared by Vishal as Google Doc

    Date Topic
    17 Mar 2020 JIO case study
    18 Mar 2020 UBER/OLA 
    19 Mar 2020 OYO/TREEBO
    20 Mar 2020 Good & Bad side of COVID-19 on our lives
    21 Mar 2020 Work from home – pros and cons
    22 Mar 2020 Finding/recruiting for internship & jobs – challenges & solutions
    23 Mar 2020 How to filter information – challenges & solutions
    24 Mar 2020 BYJU’s
    25 Mar 2020 21 days lockdown in India – opportunities & threat for businesses
    26 Mar 2020 How to start/revamp a startup in this lockdown
    27 Mar 2020 How to start/revamp a startup in this lockdown

    1. Ritviz talked about his venture and how his business model was modified to cater to this lockdown
    28 Mar 2020 How to start a part-time startup in this lockdown

    1. Abhishek talked about his ventures started in parallel with his studies
    29 Mar 2020 Startup Investment Reality

    1. Anuj presented about College Bhaiya
    2. Two kinds of mindset – valuation vs business
    3. Four types of funds – Sovereign funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angle investment
    4. USA vs India mindset
    30 Mar 2020 Startup Investment

    1. Anuj sir presented his startup idea 
    2. Seed capital can be generated via personal savings, participating in competitions
    3. Due diligence should be done from both sides
    4. Part-time job or part-time startup can be a good way to raise seed fund
    5. Incubation support is also available to raise seed fund
    31 Mar 2020 Startup sales – customer is the best investor
    01 Apr 2020 PAYTM Case Study
    02 Apr 2020 XIAOMI Case Study
    03 Apr 2020 TINDER/BUMBLE Case Study
    04 Apr 2020 APPLE case study

    1. Aspirational value
    05 Apr 2020 TATA NANO case study

    1. Target audience, Emotional value, Financial value, Relational value, Performance value
    2. World’s cheapest car – lakhtakia car
    3. Marketing by default not design
    4. Few accidents but no positive rebuttal, negative branding by default
    5. Bike vs Car – No aspirational value
    6. Nano vs 2nd hand car
    7. Neighbours envy owners pride
    8. 1.2 to 1.5 lakh instead of 1 lakh 
    9. Delayed delivery, price not same as promised, wrong marketing strategy
    06 Apr 2020 GOOGLE Case study

    1. 100 products are listed https://about.google/intl/en/products/?tab=wh
    2. Revenue Model
    3. Marketing- Freemium model
    4. Why so many products
    5. What’s google vision
    6. Competitions
    7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/8208901822/?ref=share this is a group I created after meeting Ray Kurzweil in 2011 to remain updated on AI / Immortality type topics
    8. https://www.amazon.com/Work-Rules-Insights-Inside-Transform/dp/1455554790
    9. Company culture is good
    07 Apr 2020 YOUTUBE Case Study

    1. Advertisement
    2. Video content
    3. Freemium model
    08 Apr 2020 LINKEDIN Case Study

    1. Acquired by Microsoft
    2. Premium membership has a lot of benefits
    09 Apr 2020 AMAZON Case Study

    1. Initial funding from parents, started from books
    2. CADABRA changed to AMAZON – the largest river of the world
    3. Started from books, later added other products
    4. Customer is GOD
    5. Meeting video is uploaded
    10 Apr 2020 NOKIA Case Study

    1. Brayan from Startup Club was our guest speaker today
    2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryantemerson/
    3. 25% market share initially
    4. Too much baggage
    5. Did Not innovate enough, wrong partnerships
    6. May bounce back with 5G technology
    11 Apr 2020 Global Tourism Case Study

    1. Airlines making loss
    2. Corporate travel advance booking
    12 Apr 2020 Job/internship cancellation

    1. Equity based hiring
    2. Two or more internships as backup
    3. Internship in startups
    13 Apr 2020 Startup Idea: Mental Health Clinic
    14 Apr 2020 Kodak Case Study

    1. More than 80% market share
    2. Film was major revenue source
    15 Apr 2020 Dinosaur vs. Cockroach – disruptive startups

    1. Be a cockroach and survive, don’t get extinct like dinosaur
    16 Apr 2020 Indian Education System

    1. Most students don’t want to study, attendance need to to made compulsory to make them present in class – Why
    2. College to Corporate skill mismatch
    3. Too much competition at UG/PG level
    4. Subjects not balanced in schools
    5. Entrepreneurship/sales/marketing not taught at school 
    6. Framework needs to change, system is outdated
    7. More scholarship schemes 
    8. Unemployment vs under-employment
    9. Interest mismatch
    10. Salary of teachers
    11. High Tuition Fees, Education loan NPA
    12. Schools are going online now 
    13. Way forward
    17 Apr 2020 Depression & Suicide 


    18 Apr 2020 Personal Branding
    19 Apr 2020 Indian Real estate 
    20 Apr 2020 Retail Industry


    Food & Grocery – 65% contribution

    Apparel and footwear  – 8

    Consumer durable – 10

    Jewellery – 8

    Window shopping


    Staff behaviour

    Data readily available

    One product at cheaper price to win  customer and upsell all others

    Discount vouchers

    Retailers are selling online also

    Brick and mortar model

    surprise gift idea – women and children

    Hub and spoke model – Franchise 

    21 Apr 2020 COVID impact on SME/Startups – part 1

    1. Sales not happening for most 
    2. Cost cutting measures
    3. Way forward
    4. Lesson learnt
    22 Apr 2020 COVID impact on SME/Startups – part 2
    23 Apr 2020 Online vs offline education

    1. More control on online
    2. More economical
    3. Technology driven
    4. Whole world can join
    5. Commute time
    6. Time management are not learnt
    7. Discipline
    8. Rural population vs urban population
    9. Same fees: online sessions + regular offline session/excursion
    10. Limited seats
    11. Lack of space
    12. Lot of competition
    13. Replace or substitute
    24 Apr 2020 Foreign Education in 2020

    1. COVID impact
    25 Apr 2020 MLM Case study
    26 Apr 2020 Stock market
    27 Apr 2020 Negative Oil price
    28 Apr 2020
    29 Apr 2020 Linkedin Marketing – 1
    30 Apr 2020 Linkedin Marketing – 2
    01 May 2020 Social Media Marketing


    1. Which social media to use for different products ?

    2. User demographics of different social media

    3. what is the organic and non organic reach in facebook

    4. should we use paid advertising in social media

    5. How to detect and avoid Fake News,Fake Profiles  and remain Authentic across social media platforms 

    6. Do we need to maintain discipline in posting thing and posting format. 

    7. Is it good to have a private account or public 

    8. how to improve relationship in social media. 

    9. Do we need to take care of the post structure, like should it be  Aesthetic 

    10. What is the use of Social media marketing?

    12. What are the disadvantages of Social media marketing?

    02 Apr 2020 COVID suggestions after 17 May 2020
    03 Apr 2020 Data Privacy & Security
    04 Apr 2020 COVID suggestions after 17 May 2020
    05 Apr 2020 TATA case study

    What peeved me about that young guy and his venture is that he shared a  WhatsApp group invite in this open group by Vishal but members are not allowed to comment or participate in the discussions. Only few of the admins who manage the group are allowed to post. I have a personal policy and best practice in all the WhatsApp/Telegram groups that I manage or participate is
    1) Self-Introduction by all members with their Website &/or Linkedin Profile so that other members can know them better. This is not needed on Linkedin, Facebook groups since each member already have his or her professional and or social profiles.  Otherwise, it is a security risk. My opinion and observation is that only terrorists or criminals want to operate anonymously or with a mask,
    2) In case members don’t introduce themselves I message personally to each of them as don’t want to keep anonymous numbers on my phone,  I also prefer to address people by their names

    03 Apr 2020 Data Privacy & Security
    22:11:05 From  Ravi kumar : Hi Everyone,

    Good evening,I am Ravi Kumar from Bangalore working as sales professional 

    in the field of Building Automation and electronic security system.

    you can connect with me on linkedin,my id https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravikumar983/

    22:12:30 From  Atul Kumar : if possible also share in the WhatsApp or Telegram as discussions here are lost after the call

    22:12:54 From  vishal kumar : sure

    22:14:45 From  Sonu Kumar Singh : Hii Everyone,

    I am Sonu Kumar Singh From Bihar Working on an Education App & Website Startup as Founder & MD

    Feel Free to Connect on https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonu-kumar-singh-24b1a5195

    22:24:44 From  vishal kumar : question about ethics

    22:28:37 From  vishal kumar : attempt to manipulate our mindset

    22:29:28 From  vishal kumar : intent

    22:30:23 From  vishal kumar : individual level & organization level

    22:35:56 From  vishal kumar : Dark Net

    22:36:11 From  Harsha T R : True point

    22:39:37 From  Hari Kutty : Yes

    22:40:06 From  Hari Kutty : Ankit Fadia is from Coimbatore and very famous for ethical hacking

    22:44:02 From  Atul Kumar : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet

    22:49:42 From  Atul Kumar : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(anonymity_network)

    22:53:11 From  vishal kumar : at organization level things can be control

    22:56:07 From  Rishabha Sancheti :  There are some companies which i know, what they are doing, they install the virus in computers and then call them for solution. 

    22:56:15 From  vishal kumar : Social engineering

    23:04:09 From  Suraj Berwal : imp point on facebook

    23:05:14 From  vishal kumar : ok next

    23:06:41 From  vishal kumar : facebook – setting – offline browsing

    23:07:10 From  vishal kumar : recommendation engine uses our data

    23:08:56 From  vishal kumar : children pics be careful

    23:29:39 From  vishal kumar : FANG – facebook, amazon, Netflix, google has all the data

    23:31:12 From  vishal kumar : data protection regulation

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