I am part of many social ventures, entrepreneurship, and alumni groups. Few of them have a Website and most of them have LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp groups. One of the recurring “housekeeping” or moderation chores that takes lot of time and energy is “Please introduce yourself with your URL (Website if any or Linkedin profile).  Or any social profiles, even a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Github or YouTube channel will do but members without an introduction or online profile are a security and privacy risk for the group. Nameless, Faceless (masked) people most often have something to hide and hence don’t feel comfortable with them especially when a WhatsApp or Telegram group. This is the reason, I suggest/request everyone to create a Linkedin Profile for professionals. Websites cost money and/or technical expertise hence many students or new or wannabe entrepreneurs might not need one and they can do with just an Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn profile but not having any URL is not ok. It doesn’t cost money to create one on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter or GitHub or even a page on LinkedIn or Facebook.

I also request members to share a URL with every message they share on groups since most members might not remember you especially in a large group of alumni or entrepreneurs or community.

Hence writing this blog to highlight the reason why we need to introduce ourselves and ideally with a URL

Published by Atul Kumar

https://atulkumar.org is a central portal for all my social and business ventures Facebook Page, Group & profile https://www.fb.com/atultech https://therenventure.com https://yen2020.org https://bharatnetwork.org http://wen1.org https://iimsociety.org Am a San Jose CA based Multipreneur in Healthcare & Education Entrepreneur with love for technology, culture, history, politics,society, development, bihar, india, iim, spirituality etc. and hope to contribute my 2 bits for a better world

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