SST- the initial days by TKB Sinha

I studied at Sainik School Tilaiya and one of the best memories are our teachers. We hve some of the finest teachers in our school. Today in one of the WhatsApp group TEN (Tilaiyan Entrepreneurs Network) we run today one of our respect teachers TKB Sinha sir shared few memories from school and the amazing feedback he received from alumni about the book
SST- the initial days.
Sharing his comments for wider circulation since is very inspring and worth a read by others.

[17:23, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
My dear Colonel,

I am an ex-Tilaiyan (school no 321 Nalanda) from initial batches. I am sending a set of 4 books by the name “SST- the initial days”, written by Mr. TKB Sinha, a teacher during our days. Recently I came across this book and was  struck with the overwhelming accuracy with which things have been described in it.

For me it was pure nostalgia but for others it will be interesting to read  how the first principal had to go through hell to get funds released, How the customary parameter were passed on –punctuality and value of time, discipline, the dress code which are alien to the new comers.

Many young boys  may be inquisitive to know about what happened at that time, It all started from the grassroots level in 1963-creation…

[17:24, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
My dear Malay & Abhay, I am both delighted and satisfied that SST has got the books in whatever way it has.The school’s ignorance about the books sent by Malay is simply mystifying.I thank you both for your tenacity in the interest of a noble cause.I wish I had visited SST & met the people there.Greater would it have been in the company of the old-timers like you.My thanks & Best wishes again.
TKB Sinha.
[17:25, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
Chanakya’s poor equal.

Dear Vijay,
While providing extra nuggets of info about the Western triumvirate, you rightly cited the significance of Chanakya,Vishnugupta.God knows why it fired my imagination & spurred me to share some words with you.Western thinkers tend to compare him with Machiavelli (1469-1527), a Florentine strategist,which is awfully ridiculous.Machiavelli can’t hold even a little candle before the gigantic figure of the Acharya.His stature pales into sad insignificance when pitted against the other.The comparison is just inappropriate & incomplete.It is like putting a pigmy against a giant, a pathetic hut against a magnificent mansion.
The Acharya was not only a learned professor of politics, economics,& social science at the world f…

[17:25, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: There is a gap of around 1800 yes between them.Chanakya’s time is 350-275 BC against Machiavelli’s 1469-1527.
Mach began his career as a minor govt official, & was later promoted to Diplomatic corps which gave him chance to visit foreign lands.Somehow or other his activities displeased the Mighty Medicis,under whom he served & he was fired.Angered by this injustice,he began finding fault s in the master’s ladmin, which resulted in his incarceration.After his release, he resigned to village farming, but was still itching to win his master’s favour.He wrote “the Prince” & dedicated the book but his prayers yielded no result.His dreams of getting reinstated in the royal services were shattered.
As against Chanakya’s brilliant treatise, covering a wid…

[17:25, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Thanks so much sir for immortalizing the memories of school, will blog about your book

[17:28, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: A whiff of fresh air.
Amidst the dark thoughts of death which the marauding Corona has caused to man’s psyche, where life seems to be so uncertain, anyone could be in the grip of this ruthless enemy, there is a reason to come out of this the negative aura & have a breather,which infuses freshness in our being………..
……. Since the last twenty five hundred yrs the academia,all over the world have studied & extensively quoted from the observations of the great triumvirate, Socrates,Plato & Aristotle.On almost every subject under the sun– be it literature,society,politics,science, mathematics,life sciences, they had their say,which are respectfully listened to even tiday. As a student,I was simply overawed by their scope of knowledge,their analysis,t…
[17:36, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Sir, Charan Sparsh aur shubh prabhat

The more I read your post, the more I am filled with pride that I was once your student at SST ! Your fathomless depth of knowledge of language – both English and Hindi too !, is simply incomprehensible and beyond anu compare …… How well read you are Sir, can be amply seen by above posts !

I am deeply enriched, though you wrote them for someone else ! 😃

Ram Pravesh

PS : You mentioned Tennyson’s Ulysses , but I have known of a classic “Ulysses” by James Joyce. In fact during this lockdown I am reading a beautiful book, ” The Pleasure of Reading”, Edited by Antonia Frazer. It’s simply amazing book fir any lover of English language and literature. Here, many authors while recounting their experiences have s…
[17:36, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear RP, it is ensuring to note that in the days of mobile/computer, when reading has lost its charm for most readers, you continue to stick to the practice.
I am more than glad to notice quite a lot of you impacted by my blogs.They are basically monologues, permitting me to express myself.I am thrilled to see that they both enrich & entertain you.I willfully fwd some of them to you as I am aware of your literary fascination.
James Joyce’s Ulysses is a work of fiction written in the shadow of S.Freud’s ideas about man’s unconsciousness.He believed,& perhaps rightly that our unconscious is much faster than imagined & most of our thoughts/fears/anxieties are formed there.There are always in a state of fermentation.Tennyson’s poem of the same name says …

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Vijay, Excited to see that you have pasted our blogs together.The compilation consisting of our exchange/addition, modification might provide a plethora of info &make interesting reading.Entries by you & Malay have provided a shine & depth to them.Pls think if it.
Sometimes I feel guilty of imposing my blogs on possibly reluctant souls & think of needlessly intruding on their personal time.I shouldn’t be so crazy.If the listeners respond unreservedly,it doesn’t mean willingness.It is a coercion.Pls comment.

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Sir, it is always a great pleasure receiving blogs/ posts from u. They r not only informative and constructive, they r meaningful and thought provoking. People like us who have retired from active life and whose children r well settled in life, do not want to jog their mind and r comfortable in worldly things. U have been a teacher of high repute and one who has attended a class knows how difficult it is to keep the students’ attention focussed. The teacher has to be a hero, a magician to keep the brats under his thumb. He keeps reading and improving all his life. Just see urself, as far as the writing work is concerned, u have done ur best only after retirement. U were a great teacher who had full attention of his students in the
classroom and holds t…

[17:41, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Having taught young children with bright faces, high learning spirit and glittering future, u retained ur child-like spirit and always remained young and indomitable in spirit. U have incisive memory and u remember the names of most of ur students even today. How many teachers of a govt school/ college/ univ can do this. U can quote verses, poems, texts u taught long back almost verbatim even today. But ask a lecturer/ prof what he taught in the class yesterday he wd probably not remember.
We r proud to have great teachers like u and wish u a long life of creativity and innovativeness in teaching a language which has become a medium of universal communication.

[17:42, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Dear Vijay, like the thick smog which used to strangle Delhi & other so called advanced cities, negativity & depressing thoughts have made life unbelievably uninteresting in today’s world. We badly need fresh thoughts/ideas to enable us come out of the dark dungeon(like which I had tried in my blog A whiff of fresh air)which for a moment came as respite talking about the legendary triumvirate from the West.
My title— “Summer Coronitus”
In my living memory,I had never witnessed such a pliant,meek and lovable summer, bereft of its blazing sun,strong hot winds, deserted roads after 10 am, alonwith the blazing copper sun beat the earth underneath relentlessly.The very thought of the summer which was in a hurry to set in to pulverise & punish the earth …

[17:42, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Errors of several sorts have crept in.Pls read as things should be.Thanks for patience.
TKB Sinha.

[17:43, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Sir will be it possible to compile all these great feedback as a Google Doc , par , will be easy to share

[17:56, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Thanks dear Atul, Prof Vijay kr, has possibly compiled some blogs.I too urged upon him to compile the plethora of info accommodation during the exchange of chats/blogs.He is possibly on the job.I too have started compiling them,but am rather awkward.There are adulatory blogs from several old guys on different subjects.The compilation might need some editing with supporting footnotes.It might make an interesting reading.If liked,do your bit.There are several active guys from the old generation who often interact with me, Viz Prof Vijay,Col Malaydas Gupta,Col Satya Priya, Aseem kr Jha,Under secretary,Mind of Fin,GOI, Rampravesh from Navy & others.
Your initiative is welcome & exhilarating.
TKB Sinha.
[17:59, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: Read accumulated for accommodation in line 5.Error regretted.
[18:01, 5/5/2020] Atul Kumar: Sir try installing Telegram too as unlike WhatsApp it allows us to correct mistakes and has many other superior features that you may find useful

[18:04, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha:
Dear, at this age,I am 80+, such technical terms for improving things sound strange to me.I am simply not a savvy.Thanks for the remedial suggestion.
[18:06, 5/5/2020] SST TKB Sinha: However,I shall give it a try & see how I can be of help.
Thanks again.


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