Before , During & After Covid19

In the last few months, whole world is worried aboit and obsessed with the Pandemic Covid19, The loss of life is lower than Wold Wars and previous pandemics but impact in terms of shutting down life or business as usual is unprecedented. In World Wars, few countries were impacted but this pandemic has impated the whole planet like never before.

Few important issues to dicuuss would be how did we end with up with this unprecdented pandemic, how has this impactted or disrupted the world and how is the world going to be a “new new world”. In my previous blog, I wrote that we will start meaurig calendar as “BC” Before-Corona” and “AC” Afer-Corona just like most of modern world has been using BC (Before Christ) and AD (Ann Dominion)

How did we reach this stage. One of my friends whom I respec a lot for his vey deeo knowledge about many topics

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