Over 200,000 H1B Visa workers will lose right to work & live in US



Wondering how are we as society going to respond to this Man made (Trump made) Tsunami on top of the Covid19 pandemic ?

Like many other immigrants from India, China and rest of World I came to US on a Work Visa ( L1A visa). My company GE had transferred me from Hyderbad to USA. I had joined GE as a summer intern while doing MBA at IIM Ahmedbad and then GE as a Transition Manager. This transfer to US after around 1 year of working was a big opportunity for me. It oened a world of opportunity for me. Thanks to my wonderful boss H Bala then a VP at GE. He is now MD / Counry Head of Xykem in Bangalore I was hired in GE by Angshik Chaduhary who is now a MD at CIsco.. I was not from a software or engineering background so this was a great opportunity for me and even shock for many of my friends and family. Having lived in US for 18+ years , this wonderful country is my current home and feel free indebted and thankful to all the experiences and expsure it gave me, I also got married within an year and my wife could also start working since she also got a work permit. Many years later my then boss Diwakar Singhal comany sponsored my Green Card and after 10 years of being on Green Card we applied for US Citizenhip and became US Citizens. This made most of Visa related paperwork and challenges almost a distant memory. We could travel around the world without a Visa except for China, USA, Mexico, Brazil. As an immigrant and Hindu American I feel blessed and have been trying my best to give back to both my current country , कर्म भूमि America as well as my जन्मभूमि भारत (India).

However I feel very strongly abut the adverse disruptive impact this legislative change will have on both America & India. This Indo-US partnership was shaoing to be one of the biggest alliance and positive partnerships in so many ways. Modern day America is a country made ny immigransts from all over the world. So many talented immigrants like Andy Grove, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella have made the world a better place. Most sectors of economy hvae been impacted positively by the immigrants especially the tech entrepreneurs as well as the research scientists, professors, doctors and professionals. Many non profit entrepreneurship groups like TiE and others have connected & colloborated with each other to solve major problems and created unprecedented prospeity and reduced suffering.

I am very sure that the saner vices in Government as well the citizens of USA will collobraite together to undo/reverse the damage. Members of Senate, House as well as all the state governments, statesmaen, entrepreneurs and civic society will come toegther to reverse this decision

Published by Atul Kumar

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