Friends & Families

Most of us would agree that Friends & Family are very important (in fact most important) part of our lives and careers. We exist because of them, survive and thrive because of them. There is no feeling more satisfying than the ability to serve or help someone who needs our help. But helping our Friends and Families is a good starting point. I have very low wealth or knowledge, but one thing that has found very satisfying since childhood is to serve and help. Those with lots of knowledge, teach, those with lots of income and wealth donate, and so on. My biggest strength or passion is the ability to connect the dots and built a community of people. One such community that many IIM alumni have created, curated over the years is IIM Society. We have developed a global community for all alumni of all IIMs in all countries. We started with Linkedin and then expanded to Facebook, Telegram and whatever new technology platforms came but one major milestone was our portal https:/ However one of the recurring requests in our Telegram group by many IIM alumni was by to help our Friends & Family. We were in a dilemma because if we allowed that many alumni may lose as such an open community will lose any value or meaning. So we came with an innovative solution and that is by creating a community where we can invite our Friends and Family too. That community grew over the last few years to a significant size, Sharing those links below, feel free to share with any community since “Friends and Family” are open to the whole world. We keep these as moderated community hence have avoided insecure but highly popular platforms like WhatsApp

Friends & Family of IIM alumni who may not be IIM alumni
1) Telegram, 1,500+
2) LinkedIn 700+
3) Facebook 1,500+

Published by Atul Kumar is a central portal for all my social and business ventures Facebook Page, Group & profile Am a San Jose CA based Multipreneur in Healthcare & Education Entrepreneur with love for technology, culture, history, politics,society, development, bihar, india, iim, spirituality etc. and hope to contribute my 2 bits for a better world

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