AshaSV Covid Efforts

I moved to Silicon Valley in Oct 2015 and one of the most fulfilling parts has been discovering some amazing organizations, people, and social work being done here. Of course, this is Silicon Valley so some of the most innovative companies of the world are here and so are some of the smartest talents, especially in Technology & Entrepreneurship.I am driven by social impact more than anything else

AshaSV (Asha Silicon Valley) is the Silicon Valley Chapter of Asha for Education. is one of the organizations that I have been volunteering with AshaSV since last year+. I got to meet some amazingly talented & committed volunteers from various prestigious tech companies in Silicon Valley towards giving back to society. The gift of education is one of the most powerful and transformative ways to give back to society.

Asha SV Volunteer voluteer team including Mubarak from Apple, Vidhya from Google, Suhas from NVIDIA, Deepti from Apple & many other volunteers of AshaSV working in SF Bay Area with Asha volunteers spread across India have

Few of the ways AshaSV team is working in these challenging times are below and I am hoping via this blog to raise more awareness 
Below is the recording of the Parivaar webinar to give a glimpse of one of the philanthropic efforts Asha for Education teams is supporting

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