We provide management & technology consulting in areas of Education, Health, Public Policy and Entrepreneurship.


Event Management. As an organizer of events for school, alumni and various social causes, have a strong understanding of what it takes to make an event successful. We are also well connected with Media, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Houses, Public Institutions and Movers and Shakers in various industries.


We help entrepreneurs connect to mentors, investors & markets. Our partner firm A++ CompuLab is setting up partnerships with incubators & accelerators in key markets especially the un-reached but high potential markets.


Various Services provider by Atul & his partners

Management & Technology Consulting
Event Management
Mentorship to start-ups
Accelerated Acesss to markets and decision makers

more about us ..

We are a group of well connected, inspired and driven people who will like to have a positive and disruptive impact on few industries.


Next Steps…

A lot can happen over a meeting in person or digitally (whatsapp, call, video conference). No decks or flyers can showcase the hidden value that can be unlocked so we urge you to start a conversation via a whatsapp message at +1 203 987 4452 or personal email to Atul at with a clear subject line

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