I am founder of A++ Ventures in San Jose, California and we are restarting A++ CompuLab in Bharat. We at A++ Ventures have been creating an umbrella of non-profit orgs  to co-create and support entrepreneurs ecosystems.

I also advise, consult for for profit ventures like, innominds.com  a dedicated product incubator for technology industry clients seeking help with Design, Technology and Engineering solutions across all stages of their product life cycle.

Few of the non-profit orgs are listed below.

Entrepreneurship Networks

Bharat Entrepreneurs Network

This is community of entrepreneurs of Bharat that we are launching in Feb 2017

Bihar Entrepreneurs Network

This is community of entrepreneurs of Bihar that we have built over last many years. It was launched in May 2011 and was dormant for a while except on social media. We are reactivating it in 2017

Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network

This is community for entrepreneurs of Jharkhand that we have built over last 2 years. We are connecting and promoting entrepreneurs of Jharkhand who are spread across the world

IIM Society

This is community for alumni of Indian Institute of Management that we are building across the world with local chapters in North America, Souh America, Europe, Asia, Japan etc.


This is a Health Community we are developing with focus on Integrate Health including Ayurveda