Below is an attempt to partially capture my network. Idea is to help me navigate my own network across platforms and also help friends, partners discover if I can be of any help and connect with any of them for a mutual value creation meeting. It could be just hanging out or seeking jobs, investment, clients and so on,

Below are orgs, communities, and people I know and am lucky to have met in person. Some are associated with A++ Ventures which has various non-profits and for-profit ventures associated with. In the interest of privacy, I do not share email or phones of my contacts without prior permission of both parties and do introductions only when there is mutual value creating opportunities.


In my network which includes friends, family, colleagues, partners, investors, start-ups, ex-bosses a large number are present on Linkedin, Facebook, follow my Facebook Page, Twitter etc but few are not present on social media.

For-Profit Ventures

  1. A++ Ventures and partners spread in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Patna, Bodh Gaya, London, Tokyo, New York, Switzerland
  2. Innominds  Product Accelerator Venture based in US and 5 centers globally
    US: San Jose, New York
    EU: Zug, Switzerland
    IND: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Viz
    1,000+ employees, 50+ Customers across the United States of America, Europe & Asia
  3. NRI Family Health, based in Delhi with founders based in Arizona. We enabling health monitoring,  support system for NRIs in America, Europe and globally

Non-Profit Ventures

  1. Bharat Entrepreneurs Network ( 400+ members)
    Media Coverage and stories by BW

    ( See On our Website)
  2. Women Entrepreneurs Network
  3. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network ( 1400+ members,)
    1.  Jharkhand Investors Summit was being organized in various cities of India & Globally. I helped in the Bay Area & NYC including setting up meetings with local companies as well Media Coverage and stories  Business Standard, Financial Express. Participated in the JIS Summit at Ranchi too in person as a delegate and launched local chapter of JEN and our website
    2. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network ( 4,500+ members)
      1. We launched in Bodh Gaya in 2011 and later organized 1st Patna Marathon in the 100 years ( Centenary  celebration of Bihar as a separate state)
      2. We got lot of media Coverage excitement about Entrepreneurship but decided to take a PAUSE from entrepreneurial activities only digital and away from the ground due to hostile environment by political leaders and bad experiences
      3. IIM Society
        1. Linkedin Group of 5,000+ screened IIM Alumni
        2. Facebook Group of 1,000+ screened members
        3. Facebook Page with 1,500+ Likes & Follows
        4. Google Sheet of 600+ member updated contact sheet via a Google Form
        5. Google+, Twitter, Instagra, Pinterest, YouTube etc.
  4. Healthy2050 ( 500+ members)
    1. Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp Communities
    2. NRI Family Health,  a for-profit firm based in Delhi with founders based in Arizona. We enabling health monitoring,  support system for NRIs in America, Europe and globally
    3. Akos ( for profit), funded health start-up by NRI Family Health founders

Below is a list of people that I am associated with and have had a chance to meet in person of

  1. Thinkers, Scientists, Scholars
    1. Jimmy Wales Created one of the best learning and reference tools for free Wikipedia. I met at World Technology Network in Time & Life Building thanks to Jim Clark
    2. Ray Kurzweil Greatest Scientist of modern world who is helping us become immortal and is known as The Transcendent Man, author of “Singularity is Near”
    3. Prof. Prabhat Ranjan Indian Scientist, ED of TIFAC
  2. Government
    1. Bharat
      1. PM Narendra Modi  From humble beginnings as a tea seller to India’s most popular PM
        We invited and had a Meeting with the PM at Waldorf Astoria
      2. Central Ministers & Secretaries
        Health Minister
        Railway Minister
        Transport Minister
        Energy Minister
      3. Bihar
        1. Facebook Groups / Pages
          1. Bihar group on Facebook
          2. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network on Facebook

          3. Bihar Society Page on Facebook
          4. Pages, Twitter etc.
      4.  Jharkhand
        1. Facebook Groups, Pages, Twitter etc.
          1. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network
          2. CM Raghubar Das

    2. America
    3. Europe
    4. UK
    5. Singapore
  3. Entrepreneurs
    1. Dr Bindeswar Pathak Founder of Suklabh International
    2. Narayan Murthy
    3. Desh Deshpande
    4. Will update 100+ more soon
  4. Media
    1. SAJA ( South Asian Journalists Association)
      1. Prof Sree Srinivasan Chief Digital Officer of NYC
    2. BusinessWorld
      1. Anurag Batra Editor of Business World
    3. TV Asia
      1. Gayatri Pandey
    4. India Abroad
  5. IIM
    1. IIM Society ( 5000+ members)
      1. Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp Communities
      2. 4,900+ members on Linkedin, 1000+ members on Facebook
    2. IIMA
      1. IIMAGE 2016 ( CEOs and 100+ alumni mostly in Tristate
      2. IIMA Bay Area
      3. IIM A Alumni in NY
        1. Ajay Banga , CEO MasterCard
        2. Chandrika Tandon Grammy Nominated, Philanthropist, Investor, IIMA Alum, NYU Trustee
        3. Dinyar Devitre , Pratham USA, VC,  IIMA alum , Very sharp and humble, also from Jamshedpur
      4. IIMA Alumni in London
        1. Kamini Banga IIMA London President
      5. IIMA Alumni in India
        1. KV Kamath ex-CEO  of ICICI, now head of Asian Bank, IIMA
        2. Mehmood Khan
      6. 200+ classmates ( few are trusted friends especially dorm mates )
      7. 40,000+ alumni ( Most are just alum but some are connected professionally)
        1. Few Select alumni by Geography are below
          1. California
          2. Connecticut
          3. Florida
          4. New Jersey
          5. New York
          6. Texas
          7. Europe
          8. Singapore
          9. India
  6. IIT
    1. IIT Delhi
      1. With my days as +2 student in Modern School used to spend lot of time in IIT Delhi cmpus – Library and Canteens and even mega event Rondezvous
      2. We planned Bharat Entrepreneurs Network with scholars like Rishikant Kumar of IIT D  Center for Entrepreneurship & few others. Event launch happened at IIFT with IIFT as a collobration partner
    2. IIT Mumbai
      1. Friends
    3. IIT Patna
      1. Friends
    4. IIT BHU
      1. Friends
    5. IIT Roorkee
      1. Friends
  7. Alumni from previous Companies, Schools and Colleges
    1. Sainik Scchool Tilaiya
      1. 200+ classmates, 10,000+ alumni
      2. Santoba ( alumni network)
    2. Modern School Vasant Vihar
      1. 100+ classmates, 10,000+ alumni
    3. Magadh University
      1. AN College
    4. IIMA
      1. See previous
    5. GE
      1. GE Capital
        1. Rakesh Sahay Chief Marketing Officer . Innovation Leader. LEAN Startup . Disciplined Execution
        2. Michael Pilot Chief Commercial Officer at GE Capital
        3. Laszlo Bock Advisor and Author of “Work Rules!” ; Former SVP of People Operations at Google
        4. Diwakar Singhal Senior Vice President Genpact
        5. Doreen Bentson Process Improvement and Organizational Change Management Expert
        6. Jack Perun Supplier Risk Management at GE Capital
        7. Bruce Berberich Records & Information Management Leader at GE Capital Americas
        8. Michael Cleary, HR Leader at GE Capital
        9. Charlene Giacin Global Ombuds Leader at GE Company
        10. Antje Wilmer, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Commercial – Fifth Third Bank
        11. Astrid Glander Senior Operations Manager at BMO Harris Bank
        12. John Mader Remarketing Program Manager at GE Industrial Financing Solutions
        13. Scott Johnstone Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo
        14. Beth Guerrera Vice President, Internal Sales at Prudential Annuities
        15. Paul Cascio Assistant Controller at General Electric Capital Services
        16. Eric Dusch
        17. Tony Chacko Managing Director – Liquidity Risk, Infrastructure & Data Management, GE Capital
        18. Amy Yates  Executive Human Resources Leader
        19. Juan Corsillo Owner at Eyes Wide Open Enterprises LLC dba Amazing Lash Studio (Chandler-Ocotillo)
        20. Antje Wilmer
        21. Anu Bhavnani  Chief Operations Officer
        22. Dan Kearns Retired GE Executive
        23. Maria DiPietro Chief Operations, Technology and Quality Leade
        24. Bill Peet Director – Real Estate Operations at Verizo
        25. Rich Abercrombie Manager Finance at GE Commercial Finance
        26. Sumeet Puri  North America Accounting Leader:
        27. John Olsen VP, WW Ops HR at Amazon
        28. Tom Davidson Senior Managing Director – GE Capital
        29. Eric Johnson  Commercial Excellence at General Electric Digital
        30. Serge Kalista Finance Manager at GE
        31. Sameer Sood Asst. Treasury Controller (FX, Investments, Industrial hedging) at GE – Corporate
        32. Chris Jacobs  CFO and Chief Compliance Officer at Tower Three Partners LLC
        33. Rosemary Eberwine Staff Executive, Planning, Analysis & Reporting GE Capital Disposition
        34. Sachin Gupta Executive Director, ProVenture Business Development at Aetna
        35. Kyle Sligar President, Specialty Lending & Distressed Debt at Reich Brothers, LLC
        36. Ellen Comeaux Driving growth, delivering results, building relationships and having fun.
        37. Rajeev Lakra Managing Director, Firmwide Risk Identification
        38. Rajesh Tedla Operational Excellence, C-Suite Executive Coach, Leadership Development, Talent Advisor, Growth Strategy, LSS MBB
        39. Penko Ivanov EVP & CFO at Bankwell Financial Group
        40. Mike Small Executive Vice President, Global VXI & SYMBIO
        41. Paul Costa  1st degree connection1st CFO at Wells Fargo, Vendor Financial Services
        42. Karl Bongarten Retired Financial Services Executive
        43. Stephen Peterson Director at CIT
        44. Iris Schwartz  Associate General Counsel; Chief Commercial Counsel; GE Digital
        45. Ron Biagini Executive Search
        46. Other GE Companies
  8. Genpact
    1. Million plus alumni including CEO and top management
      1. Tiger
      2. Diwaker
      3. Mudit
    2. 65,000+ current employees, alumni
  9. Accretive Health
    1. Few Hundred Alumni
  10. Infosys ( Founder & Senior Leaders like NRN & Others)
    1. Infosys Public Services  ( Senior Leaders)
    2. Few dozen Colleagues
    3. 150 K employees & alumni
  11. Virtusa
    1. Few Dozen Colleagues including founders and top management)
    2. Few thousand employees
  12. Social Connects
    1. Greater NY
      Vaibhav Puranik
      Vivek Gupta
      Vineet Agarwal
      Sujan Narsimhaadevara
      Sudhaker Raj
      Prof Ajai Gaur
      Aditya Pathak
      Nirav Kanakia
    2. Texas
      Amitav Sahay
      Sanjeev Nanda
    3. California
      Shatrughna Singh
      Prakash Mana
      Manish Gupta
    4. Seattle
  13. US Educational Institutions
    1. Berkeley
      1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Columbia University
      1. Prof. Sree Srinvisan and many others
    3. Harvard
      1. Dean Rakesh Khurana
      2. Sunil Gupta
      3. Kunal Lunawat and dozens others
    4. MIT
      1. Few
    5. Stanford
      1. Few Professors and alum
  14. TiE
    1. TiECon 2016 – 4,000+ attendees. I was a TiE Ambassador representing IIMs, working with Ambassadors  representing alumni of IITs, Stanford, Berkeley as well employees of Google, Cisco, Facebook, Apple etc.
    2. Contacts include Chartered Members like
      1. Narayan Murthy
      2. Gururaj Deshpande
      3. Kanwal Rekhi
    3. TYE – Mentor for highschool student entrepreneurs
  15. GITPRO
    1. Glonal Imdian Technology Professionals
      1. Founder and few others
  16. Hindu
    1. RSS
      1. Sarsanghchalak as well as local leaders in Delhi, Surat, Patna etc
    2. Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh
      I am a member  in Sunnyvale Shakha
    3. BJP
      1. OFBJP
        1. California
          1. Few dozen members
          2. Lalji Goswami
        2. East Coast
          1. Few dozen members including
          2. Lakshmi Narayan Singh
          3. Anand Gupta
    4. ABVP
    5. FOGSV
      1. Festival of Globe Silicon Valley
      2. Helped the founder, Dr Romesh Japra connect with Jharkhand and strong Social Media presence on Twitter
      3. Monalisa Chati

I am writing a book on the idea of NQ ( Network Quotient) and firmly believe that everything is a network. We all are made of networks of neurons, skeletal system and parts of other networks. The human body, Family, School, College, Workplace, Village, City, State, Countries and the whole universe is a network. From atoms to galaxies

In the age of the internet, it is easier and more important that we remain connected with each of other. Platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Whatsapp have brought the world closer to each other. In my view,  people in my network inspire, impress, inform, influence, educate me.

Friends & colleagues have often complimented me about my large & diverse network. I say that yes I have but it is because I spend a lot of time & effort in building, maintaining and nurturing the relationship. A basic rule is that everybody has some purpose, capabilities, and needs but often it takes a lot of effort and spending time together to figure out what they are up to, what they need and see mutual synergies.