We believe in relationships and trust as precious and will go out of the way to help/serve you and at the same time never be shy of asking, accepting help as well. We all are parts of the universe and we are the universe is what we believe in. Aham Brahmam Asmi / Tat Twam Asmi.

Why this Website ?
Atul Kumar (myself) has RSS. Restless Soul Syndrome. He wanders around searching for answers, experiences and just making a difference to the world in his own ways. This site is a way for him to share about himself, various ventures that he is part of.

How do you make money ?
Teaching, Advisory. Consulting, Fees for connecting entrepreneurs to investors, Events

Where do you live ?
I am  based out of San Jose, California currently after more than 10 years in East Coast of USA ( NY, NJ, CT) and frequently travel to India ( as often as I can afford to) since parents and most family members are there.