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Atul Kumar is a entrepreneur, investor, evangelist, connector in EduTech, HealthTech, Gov and Social sectors. He likes to collect, connect with a diverse range of people, organisations. To help, connect and serve others is his purpose of life. He is a MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and worked with GE, Genpact, Accretive Health, Infosys and Virtusa before starting A++ Ventures in San Jose California. Atul is writing a book on the idea of NQ (Network Quotient)

We believe that to help is a beautiful thing. One of the best ways to help is to connect people. and orgs with what they need to those who have and can help. Mutual value creation is core philosophy. We all need products and services to fulfill our needs. If this can be done in a mutually beneficial as well as financial sustainable way then it is wonderful. We use the philosophy of Freemium. Basic services, advice is free and for anything above and beyond he & his team a charge fees so that bills can be paid and quality ensured.

Our Story

As a person, love to help and never been shy of asking for or accepting help. Been entrepreneurial since childhood. I started a comics library start-up when in school. Entrepreneurship is the magic wand to solve most problems of humanity. During my corporate life with large corporations like GE, Genpact, Accretive Health, Infosys, Virtusa,  I was engaged in social ventures in areas of education and health and community service with special focus on his home town, state and current state.

Bihar, Jharkhand, IIM, Sainik School, Entrepreneurship, Technology are few of my passions. Co-founded Bihar Society, Bihar Entrepreneurs Network. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network, Bharat Entrepreneurs Network, IIM Society, Healthy2050 as few non-profit ventures. In 2016  started a for profit venture called A++ Ventures in San Jose California with the aim of helping entrepreneurs get mentored, funded and accelerated acesss to markets

Atul Kumar is CEO & Co-Founder of A++ Ventures & A++ CompuLab. He is part of various social ventures in Bharat with Focus on entrepreneurship in education, health, policy

Contact atul

Best way to reach me is via a whatapp message at +1 203 987 4452 or an email atultech@gmail.com

I am in India till 15th Feb 2016 and reachable at +91 977 164 8695 via whatsapp message is preferred before a call. I speak , teach and consult in Healthcare, Education, Public Policy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & how to  idea and practice of Network Quotient.

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